Ultra·performance capacitors powered by Neocarbonix™ - nanocarbon-based electrodes.

About FastCap Ultracapacitors

FastCAP® Ultracapacitors are a type of energy storage device that use a proprietary carbon nanotube-based electrode technology (Neocarbonix® at the Core) to provide high power and energy density in a compact package. FastCAP® Technologies, the company that developed FastCAP® Ultracapacitors, was founded in 2008 as a spinoff from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).FastCAP® Ultracapacitors are designed to meet the energy storage needs of a wide range of applications, including aerospace, defense, transportation, and industrial automation. They are capable of providing high power output for short periods of time and can be charged and discharged rapidly, making them well-suited for applications that require quick bursts of energy.

FastCap® Ultracapacitors  is known for its  expertise in harsh environment energy storage and for developing world's first reflow solderable chip-cap - Charlie. 

The proprietary carbon nanotube-based electrodes used in FastCAP® Ultracapacitors provide a large surface area for energy storage, which results in high power and energy density in a small form factor. The use of carbon nanotubes also improves the durability and lifespan of the ultracapacitors, making them a reliable and long-lasting energy storage solution. 

FastCAP® Ultracapacitors have been tested and validated by a number of organizations, including NASA and the United States Army. The technology has also been recognized with a number of awards and grants, including a grant from the National Science Foundation and the NASA Tech Briefs "Create the Future" Design Contest Grand Prize.

Electric Vehicles
Oil & Gas
Energy Harvesting
Cube Satellites
Aerospace & Defense
Medical Devices
Solid State Drives (SSD)
Bar code scanning
Flight data recorder

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