Looking for advanced ultracapacitors that can meet the dynamic market requirements? Look no further than FastCap® Ultracapacitors. Our ultracapacitors are designed with a focus on longevity, cost-effectiveness, exceptional power and energy density, safety, and fast-charging capabilities. What's more, they can handle even the harshest conditions, including extreme temperatures and vibrations. With such features, FastCap® Ultracapacitors are the perfect solution for various industries, including electric vehicles/mobility, defense, aerospace, lasers, IoT, energy exploration, and beyond.


The FastCap® Ultracapacitors are designed to meet the evolving demands of the market. Our focus is on delivering high performance in terms of lifespan, cost efficiency, power density, energy density, safety, and fast charging capabilities. With the ability to operate in harsh conditions such as high temperatures and vibrations, FastCap® is the ideal solution for various industries, including electric vehicles/mobility, defense, aerospace, lasers, IoT, energy exploration, and more.

FastCap® Extreme Environment Ultracapacitors FastCap® Chip Ultracapacitor

The FastCap® High and Low Temperature Ultracapacitors are the only product of its type capable of operating under extreme environments required by the energy exploration, aerospace, and defense industries.

Product Features:

  • Operating in Extreme Temperature
    • -40°C to +150°C Operation
    • -55°C to +85°C Operation
  • Vibration and Shock Resistance: 20gRMS, 500g Shock Resistance
  • Lithium Free :No Risk of Thermal Runaway, Fire, Explosions
  • High Cycle Life :
    • Cycles Do Not Degrade Performance
    • 20+ Year Shelf Life
    • Safely Stored Fully Discharged
    • Weldable Terminals
    • Allowing for Parallel or Series Connections
    • Designed and Assembled in the USA

Charlie- The FastCap® Chip Ultracapacitor is a reflowable, slim profile, low-Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) ultracapacitor which provides power loss protection in SSD and IOT technologies.

Product Features:

  • Wide Operating Temperature -20°C to +85°C
  • Reflowable
  • Low ESR
  • Long Lifetime
  • Surface Mount Design
  • Pick-and-place Compatible
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Compliant
  • Pb-Free Reflow Complian
Product lines

The revolutionary green electrode that offers increased capacitance while maintaining low resistance (ESR) at a lower cost than current solutions. Get ready to experience the future of energy storage technology with Alpha!


The high-energy density chip-capacitor that saves board space and extends your backup time while reducing costs. Experience the cutting-edge technology of Charlie- the reflow solderable chip-cap and improve your energy storage capabilities today.


The ultracapacitor that can withstand extremely high temperatures while providing a rechargeable energy store, and a superior lifespan for your devices. Unlock the true potential of your operations with Delta's superior performance!


The LiC capacitor with higher energy density that provides faster charge and discharge to your devices. Don’t settle for ordinary energy storage, use the extraordinary Yankee today!


The groundbreaking ultracapacitor that can function in low temperatures without sacrificing performance or requiring additional equipment. Unlock the true potential of your energy storage technology with Lima!

Customized Solutions

At FastCap Ultracapacitors, we can create bespoke energy storage solutions to fit the needs of your business. Wether we are talking extreme weather, vibration, size, any of these parameters can be met with our Customized Solutions. 


The structural ultracapcitor designed for high power applications requiring rechargeable energy storage systems that operate in harsh environments. Take your operations to the next level with Sierra's ultracapacitor technology.